• Master materials have moved from content-OVFPTools-mastermaterials to OVFPPlugin-mastermaterials. This is a large change and might cause some issues with projects already using the OVFP. I will be making a video on how to resolve the issue if you need to merge a project that was using v1.0 or earlier into v1.1. For now you can delete the OVFP and storyboardTool plugins in the plugins folder and copy the OVFP 1.1 project over the old project

  • The measure tool has moved to the OVFP plugin directory

  • The last two changes were done to make it possible to publish the OVFP plugins to the marketplace eventually

  • Master materials were renamed to standardize them. Mostly this means things like MM_Swap_emissive, which is a solid material, became MM_Swap_Solid_Emissive

  • Collections were added for the master materials. You need to copy the folder plugins-ovfpplugin-content-collections to saved, where there should already be a collections folder

  • A button was added for the storyboard tool

  • Some stability fixes were found for the OVFP plugin menu crashing. It is important to close the OVFP widgets (except for the dynamic setlist) when opening a level or UE will crash due to a memory leak. It will be a C++ dive to fix it

  • The single-camera storyboard tool included with the OVFP had some bugfixes and improvements. The most noticeable is now the left and right arrows in the menu step to different cameras in your scene

  • The marketplace storyboard tool has been updated to work better with the OVFP (pending approval from Epic at the time of writing)

  • In edit-project settings- plugins – Storyboard there is now a field for a default camera for the tool to spawn.

  • Plugin toolbar buttons were moved to their own categories to prevent future conflicts

  • The library of 1200 materials has been updated for v1.1 and will be posted onto media fire in the next week

  • In the blender bridge: there is now a texture naming convention button

  • In the blender bridge: fixed a bug with asset naming conventions

  • in the blender bridge: allowed “–“ characters to exist in asset and material names

  • in the blender bridge: added a remove unused objects function (similar to purge all)

  • in the blender bridge general bugfixes and better feedback for the end user as to what may have gone wrong

Known Bugs:

  • blender bridge: says UE import has failed when it succeeds

  • blender bridge: the first time the tool is installed it sometimes tries to set the export path to appdata. If you are getting a folder permissions error when exporting, check the debug section’s FBX export path. It should match your preferences. If it doesn’t, try running the adg UE import setup function found in debug

  • blender bridge should select the ASB object when it completes

  • select degenerate objects selects objects that are not degenerate. It does catch the degenerate objects.

  • The blender bridge doesn’t understand UE installations other than C:/programfiles (the default)

  • The ortho clip camera needs a top down overhaul

  • The burn in (alpha) loses connection to a speed conversion function

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