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UE4 Folder Structure

A folder structure in UE4 allows the user to quickly find the asset they are looking for and can help prevent an out of control flood of thousands of assets drowning them. The basic concept behind the folder structure provided with this project is as follows:

Documentation in progress please check back later.

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  • An Assets folder where any individual objects can be found for reuse in multiple environments. It is similar conceptually to a prop house

  • An Environments folder where you find the sets and the quick imports from third party programs

  • A Screenshots folder that is autogenerated by the cinecamera storyboards

  • A Sequences folder where all animations done by previs can be found with their associated master levels

  • A OVFPTools folder and Python folder where many of the tools for this project can be found

  • A Plugins Folders which are not immediately visible but include an advanced camera and various other tools

  • A mirror import/export directory outside of unreal where a dated FBX of each major import revision can be found