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Sequences Folder Structure

The sequences folder is where all animations done by previs can be found with their associated master levels, animation files and unreal sequencer assets 

At the root of the sequences folder are folders named with the 3 letter sequence codes in use by the production. It is advantageous for your production to have a cheat sheet denoting which sequence represents which story beats/pages/scenes. 

The OVFP is working on a way to incorperate this type of information directly into UE4, similar to a live story breakdown.

Inside each 3 letter code folder is a series of 4 number code folders.

Inside each 4 number code folder are:

  • A number of ML master level files, this is what you open to view the animation. It streams in any requried sublevels from the animations folder and environments folders. Generally the latest version is the one to open

  • A number of ML _seq sequencer file, after you have the level open, you open this file to view the animation in a timeline graph editor

  • An animations folder: contains any animation assets sublevels of lighting/characters/geometry for the sequencer, and any sub-sequencer assets.

See the attached document for more information

A sample animations folder