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Blender to Unreal Bridge

The Blender to Unreal bridge is a set of python plugins for Blender and Unreal that allow you to quickly clean up and send models to UE4 all from Blender's interface.

The tool has the following features:

  • Automatic naming conventions: fill out the information on your model and it will take care of the asset pre/suffixes and ensure that there are no illegal characters to cause you headaches later

  • Quick cleanup scripts: Have a model from sketchup/rhino/the dubious internet? Run a slew of common cleanup functions with one click

  • Add automatic lightmaps: If you are having difficulty with baked lighting on an object and do not have time to do a proper lightmap, this function can help

  • Create a mirror directory in your UE project, or on a dedicated server that saves a backup of every import for later reference

  • One click transfer between blender and unreal that takes care of which folder to put the files into

  • A replacement for the FBX scene actor that removes the difficulties with working around that system

Documentation in progress please check back later.

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